Sunday, January 25, 2009

What the what?!

So, friends, family, well-wishers- we are posting this as a joint effort. Results are mixed. Todd has been listening to this podcast where one of the main guys always relates things he overheard in public and hilarity ensues. We thought it would be kind of funny to relate similar observations whether at work, school, or play. A few weeks ago, Todd was working (he goes door to door canvasing potential siding/window customers) and a gentleman opened the door in nothing but his skivvies. Todd was taken aback initially but the situation became even more intense when the man's dog escaped and he had to come out onto the porch to grab the pooch. Unfortunately for Todd, this meant that the man, once outside, proceeded to turn around and bend over (straight-kneed, mind you) and retrieve the wayward canine. Ah, nothing like a middle-aged tightey-whitey butt invading your personal bubble. Needless to say, brief-bro opted out.
Ah, the general public- how we love and hate them all at the same time. That's about all we have for now. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's hard to believe November is already half way over! Things have been pretty busy at the Flatland abode. As the current semester is coming to a close, we find ourselves feeling the pressure to write papers and study for finals and plan next semester's schedules. Todd is lucky- he will be done with his undergrad in just over a year and he knows exactly what he's doing. I, on the other hand, am feeling a bit panicked. This Spring semester I have to be admitted into an actual program and then I need to stick with and graduate in said area of study. It's so final and I am having a difficult time committing to anything. Good luck to us.
Other than school, we are excited to be in full swing of the holiday season. We have most of our Christmas shopping done and are anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving so Todd can put the tree up and I can decorate it. Oh, and the fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and time with family- that will be really good too. So, since this is our Thanksgiving/November blog, I would just like to list a few things we are grateful for: Our wonderful families, our little dog, the awesome ward we live in, good jobs, an opportunity to go to school, each other (of course), good friends, this country, and of course the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all it entails. We hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Force Is Strong With This One

Alright, some of you may have noticed that there haven't been many contributions to this blog from the Flatland with a "Y" chromosome, but here is my first: I am showing you the cool Lego set that I got the opportunity to build. First of all, I would like to thank the Hollomons for loaning me the set, since I know I would have never been able to have shelled out the money to buy such a set. I would also like to thank my awesome wife for putting up with the entire set being in the living room for far too long. I do have to say, that to me it was worth it!

Please note the size of the ship, and you will not be surprised that it took me about 5 days to finish this bad boy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I will blog. I will I will I will

Okay, I have ten minutes to come up with something exciting to say. First, some of you may be wondering why there is a new post on this blog. It has been so long and while I will admit I did lose ten of my original twenty minutes to post in attempts to log in to this thing, I am dedicated. I WILL post TODAY. So, what's new...we got a new dog, a new house, and new jobs. So much change, it is dizzying really. Why, you may wonder, did we replace our dog? Aren't dogs supposed to be a sort of member of the family? You don't have the option of getting rid of annoying siblings or even offspring that slobber too much and bark all night, so why should we have the luxury? This, my friends, is the upside to not having had the wonderful opportunity of procreating as of yet. Because if we don't like certain "family members", we can place an ad in the paper and find a loving home. It's not like we make a habit of it, but it is nice to have options and choices. Currently, we own a small Yorkie-Pekingese dog named Nest. We've had her since January. She is by far the smartest and the cutest yet. However, the rat refuses to be housebroken completely and we are currently not on speaking terms. Yes, I talk to my dog. I dress her too. We have decided that she will stay with us as long as she's alive. Partly because we are too embarassed to even think about doing anything else but mostly because we are "small dog" people and it just took us a few tries to figure that out. Well, time's up. Hope everyone is doing GREAT!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We must WRITE something

Hello all. This is the FIRST time I have looked at our lovely blog since posting the picture of me and Todd and our nephew Thomas. So, what to say. Let's see, so last weekend we went to a concert with Caitlan. It was Anberlin and Mae and Motion City Soundtrack. And, I came to a sad realization. As the younguns were mosh pitting and swearing and kicking and elbowing me in the chest, I realized that I am getting older. I felt no need to jump around or hit anyone. Although I did throw my gum at some girl who was being retarded. Well, Todd threw the gum. But alas, that does not change that we, well I, am much too old for that sort of thing and I will have to be satisfied with rocking out to my punk music in private from now on.
Work has been so CRAZY. I don't even know where to begin. It's just drama for your mama all the time. That is a little phrase I picked up in beauty school. It still makes me smile. Anyway, we are getting a digital camera for Christmas and we are going to post pictures of ourselves and our dogs at that time. So, be prepared- it will be one of the biggest events of the year. And Elise, thanks for getting us into this. You really are wonderful and I am glad I'm involved. Hope everyone has a great holiday season! Yeah, that about covers it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kristie, Thomas & Todd on August 12th